I know, I know..  anybody can claim to have an inexpensive VFD.  But the fact is, lsdrivesafter hitting everyone on the web advertising a low cost VFD,  I didn’t see anyone that beat either the LS IS7 or the LS IG5 VFD.

That’s right the LSIS VFD is, evidently, the lowest cost VFD on the market.  But a low cost inexpensive VFD from us, doesn’t mean a cheap VFD.  Both the IS7 and the IG5 models are fully featured and excellent drives, and are in stock here in the US.  You can also download both the IS7 manual and IG5 Manual  on this site.

The prices are right here on the site, including shipping, and if you don’t like ordering things online, then call our service center at 770-448-4644 and they’ll help you on the phone.

The LSIS VFD is an exceptional drive, in-expensive, and in-stock.

VFD pricing in general is very good.  Almost all manufacturers, including LSIS have done an excellent job at improving the manufacturing process to allow lower cost VFDs on the market.

As many of you know however, the initial cost of a VFD is not the only cost.  Many of our competitors have VFDs that require referring to two or more manuals just to get the VFD started in a simple application.  WIth both the LS IS7 and the LS IG5 , the designers have worked hard to avoid that.

There’s also the favorite trick of many VFD manufacturers, and that is to sell equipment and be absent when service or support is needed.

In the first place, our service partner EMA (see www.emainc.net) is excellent at VFD service, and even offers online support, so that eases the pain of anyone using either the LS IS7 or the LS IG5 VFD.

One of the other issues often faced with an inexpensive VFD is that they aren’t featured enough to handle difficult applications.  The LS IS7 drive especially, is a fully featured vector drive. (note: Full Vector Control requires an encoder option card:   Call EMA at 770-448-4644 about those)  Many applications however, are fine using the sensorless vector mode, which is inherent to the drive and doesn’t require any options.

The drives come with serial communication as standard, and other formats are available if needed.

All in all,  a very inexpensive and excellent VFD.   The LS IS7 and the LS IG5.  These drives are inexpensive enough for you to just try one.  Buy one directly from this website, OR call 770-448-4644 and talk to a real person.  Your preference!