One of the most common uses for LS Drive IG5 and IS7 VFD s is controlling the speed of airhandlers and blowers. In fact, one could argue that hvac airhandling equipment has been the primary driver of VFD sales for several years. The primary reason that LS VFD s are applied on airhandlers is for energy savings. LS Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) really do save energy by slowing the speed of the airhandler in lieu of using dampers or other methods to control the air flow.

iG5A-300LS Drive VFD s are easily applied to airhandlers. Commercial HVAC VFD applications are considerably less complicated than those we run across in industrial plants.

There are other reasons to use LS IG5 and IS7 VFD s on airhandlers aside from the energy savings:

  • Motor starting inrush current is reduced to 100% of full load amps or less, as compared to 600% of full load amps on an across the line start.
  • Belt wear, and other mechanical wear is reduced because LS IG5 and IS7 VFD s start the airhandler slowly and ramp up to speed rather than a hard jerk start.
  • LS VFDs, overall, have lower maintenance costs than do dampers and other mechanical means of flow control.
  • Airhandlers driven by LS VFDs are able to maintain much tighter building control setpoints
  • LS IG5 and IS7 VFD s are quieter in operation, which reduces tenant noise complaints.

Most VFD driven airhandlers are on VAV (Variable Air Volume) systems. VAV systems generally keep a constant duct pressure, and the individual zones are controlled by louvers at the conditioned air output. In situations where the louvers begin to close, the pressure within the duct will begin to rise, and the LS IG5 or IS7 VFD will slow down to maintain the pressure.

The LS IG5 and IS7 VFD s have a setpoint controller built-in, and all that’s really required is to feed a pressure transducer signal to the drive.

If you have a system presently running inlet vane control, all that’s usually necessary is to lock the vanes open, and use the same signal¬† controlling the vanes to now control the LS Drive IG5 or IS7 VFD speed. This makes a very simple installation, that will immediately begin permitting all the advantages of VFD airhandler control.

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