lsdriveVariable Frequency Drives (VFD)  have in many ways become commodities.  That’s hardly an insult.  Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) manufacturers have done a terrific job of making the VFDs user friendly, reliable, and low cost.

This has opened up applications for Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) that were never even considered in the past, and this trend for using VFDs to save energy and improve industrial and commercial processes is going to continue.

A relative new comer to the US Variable Speed Drive market is LG’s offering, the LS Drive.  The fully featured LS Drive VFD is not only incredibly reliable, it’s one of the lowest cost variable frequency drives (VFD) that you can find anywhere.

Now stocked in the United States in Georgia, the drives can be directly ordered from the website, .  The site has pricing, manuals, specifications, and contact information.

In expensive, and In Stock..   LS Drives.