lsmv1The LSMV medium voltage VFD is now available for sale within the United States.  This is a wonderful medium voltage VFD, with features that will impress anyone.

It has the cell bypass feature that many people have long admired about the Siemens/Robicon drives, only the LS drive takes it a step further, by being extremely user friendly for both normal operation and troubleshooting. Each cell is rack mounted for quick change-out in the event of emergency.lsmv3 The image on the right is for the 6.6 KV unit.

The LSMV medium voltage VFD is a lot more featured than many other medium voltage drives. The LSMV medium voltage drive can operate in sensorless vector mode, which really improves performance, especially in high torque (such as gas compressors) and low speed situations.

The LSMV medium voltage drive can be configured to a synchronous transfer function, which allows line bypass, soft starting large synchronous motors, and allowing one medium voltage VFD to control multiple motors.

lsmv2The LSMV medium voltage VFD uses a phase shifting input transformer, and state of the art switching techniques to mitigate harmonic distortion of the power line.  The human machine interface (HMI) functions are unparalleled in this medium voltage VFD and is a big selling point as well.

The LSMV medium voltage VFD is available in 4160 from 250 to 5000 HP presently, and much higher in higher voltages.

Pricing..  well, as far as we can tell, we’re the lowest priced medium voltage VFD out there.  But, the fact that the LSMV medium voltage VFD is low cost, doesn’t mean low quality of features.  Quite the contrary;  despite being a low cost medium voltage VFD, the LSMV medium voltage VFD is the state of the art.

We do not presently sell the LSMV medium voltage VFD directly from this website,  please contact us HERE or call our service center at 800-848-2504 for inquiries on the LSMV medium voltage VFD.