The IS7 VFD manufactured by LSIS (a division of LG) is a state of the art, fully featured VFD which has the ability to operate in sensorless vector mode with no additional options.

This low cost VFD is not lacking in features or reliability, and in fact it’s configured out of the box with many features that require purchasing options on many other VFDs.

The IS7 is one of the, if not the most inexpensive VFD in the market.  (Check the pricing HERE) 

The LS IS7 is very user friendly, with an easy to read keyboard and intuitive programming. Our US service center, EMA Inc., even has videos on setup available for first time users.

The LS IS7 has an automatic torque droop feature which permits easy setup for load sharing.  It has what is termed Kinetic Energy Buffering which allows for a stable stop during power loss or drooping, along with almost all features standard in the VFD industry.

In short, the LS IS7 VFD is the best drive on the market, at the best price you’ll find anywhere.  INexpensive, and IN stock.

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