LsislogoI’m very tempted to talk about the “New” VFD on the market, but that would be misleading.  The LSIS (or LS) Variable Frequency Drive has been around a long long time.  Manufactured by the venerable LG company  of Korea, these are one of the most popular drives in the world.

What’s new about them is that they are now readily available in the US under their own name.  The LSIS VFDs  been here off and on under a variety of brand names for some time now, but only recently began marketing under their own banner.

lsdriveLS has the VFDs in stock at EMA Inc. both in their Georgia and New York locations.  The drives are full featured VFDs, able to operate in both vector and V/hz mode.  They carry a 4 year warranty, and are very competitive price-wise.  (pricing is on this site)  We invite you to compare price with anyone.

The Lsis VFDs are serviced and supported by EMA’s nationally acclaimed service.

You can purchase directly from this website, or you can call EMA at 770-448-4644 for immediate shipment.

LS Drives,  Inexpensive and In Stock..