IS7 Product Description

LS iS7 Drive.. In-expensive and In-Stock (call 770-448-4644 for info)

(Download Manual Here)

The LS Starvert  iS7 is a high performance VFD, available in 480V up to 600 HP, providing full torque and precise control. The iS7 is a state of the art and powerful drive that can operate flawlessly in V/F mode, sensorless vector mode, or full vector control mode. (full vector mode requires an optional encoder card)

The iS7 has a user-friendly interface, which includes a very readable and easy to use LCD Keypad. The iS7 is the perfect solution whether you have a simple fan / pump application or a complex machine.¬† This will quickly become your favorite VFD, and best of all, it’s very cost competitive. Call 770-448-4644 for immediate assistance.

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