LsislogoWe realize that navigating a webstore can be intimidating, especially when the products being sold are technical in nature.  The LS Drives are very forgiving, easy to use,  and reliable. Our  US Service center is excellent, so don’t be nervous about purchasing a VFD online.   If you prefer, or have any questions, you may call our US Service Partner, EMA, in Georgia at 770-448-4644.  They are one of the most highly rated drive service companies in the country, and will be happy to assist you in selecting the proper VFD for your application.   Here are a few helpful hints:

  • For best results, size drives by your motor full load amps, not horsepower
  • At this time, we ONLY SHIP TO THE UNITED STATES directly from this website.  You must contact us for other countries.
  • For full vector control, you will need an optional encoder card, not sold through the website.  Contact us if you require full vector control.
  • Our service center has all operating instructions, including short quick start videos to make your installation of a LS Drive as easy as possible. Contact them to discuss any question you may have.  Full operating manuals are shipped with each drive.


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