On Line VFDCan you purchase VFDs online?   Yes, of course you can, and it’s very easy. (Go to the home page of this site)  Buying a VFD online is much easier however if you are relatively familiar with variable frequency drives, ie  VFDs.

Here are a few hints for purchasing a VFD online. :

  1. Size VFDs that you’re buying online by current (Amps) not by horsepower. This will save you a lot of grief. (also note the voltage..  most are either 240 vAC or 480)
  2. Some online VFDs are rated differently for constant torque and variable torque applications.  If you don’t know which you have, then purchase the VFD online using the constant torque rating. (Not all VFDs sold online have these dual ratings)
  3. Pay attention to the packaging.  If you’re buying a VFD online for an outdoor application, the standard NEMA 1 enclosure isn’t going to cut it.
  4. if you lack even the most basic understanding of a VFD, don’t order online without talking to someone.  Modern drives are much easier to install, program, and run than their predecessors, but its not a TV set.

We try to make it as easy as possible to purchase a LS Drive from us.  Just go to the home page (Click the LS Drives logo at top of page). Pick which of the two models best suits your needs, and click “read more.”

You’ll see the online VFDs listed by size, including amperes with the prices.  Then just click and order.   OR..  call our service center at 800-848-2504 if you need assistance.