LS Industrial Systems LSIS You’ve all heard of LG, one of the largest companies in the world, and in fact, it’s likely that many of you already own something manufactured by LG whether it be a high definition television or other equipment.

LG also manufactures variable frequency drives; marketing them under their LSLSIS Drive Industrial Division.  The LS Drives are state of the art variable frequency drives, fully featured, and manufactured to LG’s exacting specifications.

This site is NOT owned by LSIS of Korea.

LS Drives are available worldwide and in North America.  Our stocking and service partner is EMA Inc.  LS Drives are IN-expensive, and IN-stock.   Contact them for immediate shipment, or purchase directly from this site.


EMA is a nationally recognized drive applications and service company, with locations in Georgia and New York.  You can reach EMA at 770-448-4644, or via the contact page on this site.



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